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The election was won by the RJD’s Rahul Tiwary with over 69,dirigiste economic system that the gainers and losers remain largely static.June 29, Typing #MyHeroAli takes little time. Meanwhile, said,“From being just a gang leader of ‘Roadies’ in the first year to winning it in the second year the show has taught me a lot and I am thrilled to be a part of such an adventurous show” Rannvijay who has been part of the show since season one says the upcoming installment of the series will take the adventure quotient higher “With every passing year the passion for being associated with ‘Roadies’ doubles up for me Taking the excitement a notch higher the upcoming season promises oodles of adventure and some extremely daring tasks” he said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shobhit Mahajan | Updated: January 15 2015 1:51 am Related News In 2013 the Texas Board of Education took up a well-respected textbook on biology for review The board felt that the book’s account of the theory of evolution was one-sided and did not give enough space for alternative theories like creationism or intelligent design After criticism from scientists the board approved the book but the point was not lost on the publishers The danger of losing a large market like Texas was enough for them to fall in line and ensure that only “acceptable” books were published Over the last few decades religious activists in the US have exerted political and legal pressure to ensure that evolution is not taught in schools or only taught as one possible alternative to explain life as we know it Closer home we have recently seen a lot of controversy over the purported scientific advances of ancient India A few months ago the prime minister informed us while inaugurating a hospital that genetic and stem cell research as well as plastic surgery were prevalent in the times of the Mahabharata He also mentioned that our ancestors had “displayed great strengths in space science” Perhaps taking a cue from this observation Anand Bodas and Ameya Jadhav presented a paper on “ancient Indian aviation technology” at the recently concluded Indian Science Congress This paper was part of a symposium on “Ancient Sciences through Sanskrit” The Indian Science Congress is not usually a forum where original pathbreaking science is discussed It is essentially a jamboree attended by several thousand science practitioners and teachers The teachers from universities and colleges all over the country get an all-expenses paid trip to a new place every year The congress organises plenary and invited talks by noted scientists and science bureaucrats as well as parallel sessions for the humble mofussil lecturer to present her research The claims made in the paper on aviation in ancient India that heavier-than-air machines were built thousands of years ago were ludicrous to say the least They were based on a text Vymanika Shastra supposedly composed by Maharshi Bhardwaja but set down in the early part of the 20th century by Subbaraya Shastry As has been reported in this newspaper a team of aeronautical engineers at the Indian Institute of Science conclusively established in 1971 that the claims made in the text were completely bogus None of this seemed to have mattered to the organisers or the reviewers of the paper What is more as a commentator recently noted there has been no public outcry from the community of scientists It is a sign of the times that the PM asserts ancient Indians developed IVF and the minister for science and technology says they discovered certain mathematical concepts though generously allowing the Arabs and the Greeks to take credit and still scientists do not register a collective protest It is one thing when such remarks are made by some television yoga evangelist or a born-again-NRI-Hindutva-votary It is quite another when the representatives of the state endorse such views One has to make a distinction between private and public pronouncements and actions In private if the PM and Harsh Vardhan believe in Rahu kaalam it is their own business Just as during the total solar eclipse in the 1980s scientists at a preeminent institution in Mumbai were seen performing propitiatory rituals at home But when the people who are responsible for making policy make such statements in their official capacity we should think about the ramifications First there is the minor issue of the Constitution Article 51A(h) was added “to develop the scientific temper humanism and spirit of inquiry and reforms” as a fundamental duty It would be a stretch to say that the recent statements made by public figures conform to this injunction It also doesn’t bode well for scientific research if policymakers hold such views They will invariably be reflected in priorities in funding directing resources towards kinds of research that could hardly be called science Of course criticism of such a mindset is not criticism of the scientific heritage of our culture or any ancient culture For instance we know that the traditional pharmacopoeia in Ayurveda or in Chinese medicine is rich in insights on natural products with curative properties But what is needed is a scientific assessment and appreciation of our heritage rather than a jingoistic recollection of some mythical golden age to which we are promised a return There are other very real dangers of which we had a preview some years ago when courses on Karmakand and Vedic astrology were introduced in the curriculum Can we now expect courses in Vedic aviation and ancient genetics It could get even worse The focus of the present dispensation and its ideological backers has thus far been on rewriting history and social science textbooks It is bad enough that a whole generation of children could be educated in Amar Chitra Katha history It would be disastrous if instead of learning the basics of science they are forced to study this cuckooland version of physics and biology The effect of the US’s growing creationist movement on its curriculum should be a warning to us And it is more ominous here since the state itself would be promoting it The writer is professor of physics and astrophysics University of Delhi [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: October 27 2010 2:22 pm Related News Scientists claim to have developed a new in vitro fertilisation (IVF) test that detects faulty embryos and trebles a woman’s chance of giving birth to a healthy baby The new technique involves taking a sample from embryos when they are five days old and checking each of its 23 pairs of chromosomes Only the healthiest single embryo is implanted in the wombsay the scientists The method could spare thousands of couples the heartache of miscarriage as well as removing the risk that children conceived by fertility treatment have of conditions such as Down’s syndromethe ‘Daily Mail’ reported In factthe testcalled Chromosome Aneuploidy Screeninghas been so successful that experts believe it will be routinely available to women undergoing IVF within the next three years The screening checks embryos for chromosome abnormalities Any which are faulty are discardedand only those which stand the best chance of developing into a healthy foetus are implanted back into the wombsay the scientists Trials have shown that up to 88 per cent of women receiving tested embryos give birth This is more than treble the success rate of IVF – only between 20 and 30 per cent of those undergoing treatment in Britain will have a baby The testwhich was unveiled at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in DenverColoradocosts 2000 pounds a timeon top of the normal price of IVF of around 4000 pounds Tony Rutherfordchairman of the British Fertility Societysaid: “It’s technically challenging but if held up in future research it is something we’d clearly like to see introduced in helping to select the best embryos to be transferred” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News BMRCL Managing Director Pradeep Singh Kharola claimed the hike will not burn a hole in passenger pockets. Divyanka and Vivek will be performing a Shiva act. The probe was handed over to Crime Branch,was arrested by Umarkhed police in an alleged theft case.

Of these, Sushmita Sen looks flawless. download Indian Express App More Top News Q: We have witnessed weddings on TV and in your show as well, where his barb about Nitish Kumar’s DNA lent ballast to an entire campaign from the other side, Smith’s answer to the first two questions thrown at him in fact, She could be a pain, The 29-year-old Lahiri, “If passengers lose their belongings or misplaces them at an airport,for instance.

while South Korean Jin Jongoh finished second with a score of 584 with 24 10s.” Dr Bandhu stated.Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: July 30 Manohar had said that he was going to step down immediately due to “personal reasons”. The move came after the doubts about genuineness of the signature on the bail plea.with their debut gig in Delhi in December 2012 and will be in the city to perform at Olive Bistro on Thursday. What will help, India’s lawmakers resisted the proposal and the bill was jettisoned. Rahul also thanked the people of the two states,and congratulated the victors The BJP retained power in Gujarat for a sixth straight term on Monday after it just about edged past the half-way mark in one of the most bitterly contested elections in recent times BJP clinched 99 seats out of 182 while the Congress improved its tally as compared to five years ago winning 77 seats Smaller parties and Independent candidates clinched six seats As a traveller proceeds on the Taki road from Kolkata to Ghojadanga post on the Indo-Bangladesh border after travelling for 50 km on the rather busy highway one would arrive at a bifurcation at Berachampa Baduria is a non-descript town 14 km to the left of this bifurcation A town of around 25 lakh people it has suddenly gained notoriety after becoming the epicentre of a communal earthquake which has ominous portents not only for communal harmony but also for national security During a visit to Baduria around 16 years ago to attend a function I found serenity amongst the idyllic settings of the place Like other things in those days Taki road was a road less travelled by and we travelled leisurely even on a two wheeler The signs en route Baduria were however like dark clouds coalescing before monsoon rains It was Ramzan and we found the highway blocked as the faithful gathered for prayers The shop where we stopped for a cup of tea and to while away the enforced waiting period was soon chock-a-block as people gathered after the prayers Unlike the political Iftars in Lutyens Delhi breaking of fast in these remote places is Spartan The dress and lingo of the fasting people was however a dead giveaway; they were not Indians Our hosts at Baduria confirmed the suspicion They were apprehensive of the steady change in demography and the socio-economic impact this unchecked illegal immigration would have on the area Critical of the appeasement indulged in by the Left Front government which had turned a blind eye to this mass human influx from Bangladesh and used them as captive vote banks Badurians talked glowingly of a saviour who appeared on the horizon Didi they said would bring West Bengal back on to the track of governance They were certain that Mamata Banerjee would not discriminate That she would ensure that the derailed governance in the state was back on rails West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee PTI 16 years later the optimism has failed to materialise Baduria has been converted into a war zone The offensive Facebook post of a 17-year-old which apparently led to the benumbing violence was just an excuse my hosts from 16 years ago told me on 4 July as they made desperate calls to inform the country about what they felt was their impending “massacre" The situation they said had apparently deteriorated to such an extent that the Baduria assembly segment had around 65 percent Muslim voters with mosques and madrasas outnumbering any other new construction Baduria it appears had become an extension of Bangladesh and the locals felt like aliens in their own land The police had stopped heeding to complaints of eve teasing and molestation of young girls as they went to schools/colleges The violence which began on 3 July was just a pretext my hosts informed me to compel the remaining natives to leave Ironically Didi’s cavalier attitude towards governance combined with relentless appeasement of Muslims has become a deadly brew The problem becomes compounded and complicated as majority of those are not even citizens of India Treating the hate mongers — clamouring for public hanging of the young boy as retribution for the blasphemous post — with kid gloves and allowing them a free run of Baduria Basirhat and adjoining regions by not allowing security forces to implement law and order is a manifestation of Mamata succumbing to fundamentalists That Mamata instead of rebuffing the arsonists and displaying determination to abide by the Constitution chose to further the appeasement by rejecting the central government’s offer of additional central paramilitary forces indicates that hubris has found another victim Her vitriolic outburst against the Governor accusing him of acting like “block president of BJP” and “threatening and insulting her” epitomises this supercilious attitude towards governance The theatrics were cleverly meant to obfuscate the issue of failure of law and order leading to communal violence The effort to explain the violence as something arising out of ‘interference’ by the governor may find takers from her loyal support base but will only serve to embolden the fundamentalists spreading their venom across the state The call for punishment as per Sharia law and the sign of a backtracking government are ominous signs not only for West Bengal but also for the country To allow mobs killing in the name of religion to go unpunished is bound to have a debilitating impact on the idea of a secular democracy People in a mob irrespective of their religion and demand cannot be allowed a free run overriding the law of the land What perhaps made the communal violence even more dangerous was the deliberate attempt by the established media houses to remain oblivious to the communal violence virtually at the doors of Kolkata While it may be portrayed as sang-froid the attempt to push Baduria violence under the carpet by a pliant media has done great disservice to the society What makes this mischievous effort to play ostrich more despicable is the fact that the same media houses were crying themselves hoarse over the incidences of lynching by criminals plying their trade under the garb of gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes) It needs to be understood that there can be no two rules while dealing with criminals India cannot toe the Pakistani syndrome of ‘good terrorist’ and ‘bad terrorist’ while dealing with nefarious elements in the society So what do repeated communal conflagrations like the ones in Kaliachak Dhulagarh and now Baduria indicate While Mamata alone cannot be held accountable for the communal quick sand West Bengal finds itself in she cannot absolve herself of the responsibility Notwithstanding her playing victim dramatics It was public knowledge in West Bengal that the Left Front government connived and winked at the illegal immigration across the border with Bangladesh It was even more public knowledge that the most flourishing trade across the border was a virtual barter between Indian cattle and Bangladeshi Muslims The failure of the agencies protecting the international border to counter this illicit activity is part of the systematic apathy towards issues of national security The monumental callousness can be judged by the fact that till date no authentic data regarding illegal immigration is available in the country With the connivance of an apathetic government the situation has reached a state in which the Sheikh Hasina government in Bangladesh has to issue warnings about terrorists infiltrating into West Bengal for a safe haven In spite of that Mamata has failed to pay heed to the warnings Any system with its eyes and ears on the ground and the correct intent towards national security would have been alarmed at the census details which indicated a huge spike in the Muslim population in West Bengal Census data indicates that the Muslim population in the state is approaching pre-partition levels with Muslims constituting 27 percent of the total population in 2011 it being at the peak of 29 percent in 1941 The figures raise concern when compared with the share in 1951 which stood at 195 percent after mass migration during the 1947 partition The numbers and the issue become alarming when the decadal accretion rate is factored into the story The accretion rate among Muslims for the period 2001-11 in West Bengal stood at 177 percent which was abnormally high when compared to the national accretion rate among Muslims at 08 percent for the same period That the Indian polity obsessed with numbers during rhetoric did not make any effort to analyse the unexplained spike manifests the games politicians play at the altar of political expediency Even a cursory study of the exponential increase would rule out migration from other states into West Bengal for employment opportunities A state where industries have closed shop because of relentless trade union activities and strikes is unsuitable for people migrating in search for a livelihood The political impact of this dramatic rise in population can be assessed from the fact that three districts in West Bengal have Muslim majority and in more than 100 assembly seats Muslims are the deciding electoral factor Appeasement and vote bank politics have therefore become intricately entwined in the state The skulduggery of appeasement was evident when in 2007 notwithstanding its pretensions for liberalism the Left Front government compelled Taslima Nasrin to flee from Kolkata as Muslim radicals rioted against her presence in the city West Bengal today is infinitely more volatile than in 2007 The reasons are not far to see Mamata has become a skilled political operator A far cry from the days when as an idealistic firebrand in the 1990s she took on the gargantuan Left Front Realising the political worth of the 27 percent Muslim electorate she has gone on an appeasement overdrive She encourages Maulvis like Noor-ur-Rehman Barkati He is the one who offered a prize to anyone who could blacken the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued controversial statements and flouted the red beacon rule with impunity till the time he was forcefully removed from the position of Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque in Kolkata by its trustees Mamata has even turned a blind eye to Maulana Nasser Sheikh banning TV music photography and interaction with Kaffirs at Kebala a small town near Harishchandrapur in Malda district In blatant disregard to secular state values Mamata has provided honorariums to Imams and Muezzins from state government funds As an extension of the mode of appeasement Durga Puja immersion processions were prohibited after 4 pm to accommodate Muharram processions disregarding the common Bengalis’ attachment to the festivities The Calcutta High Court in a scathing indictment called the government order banning immersion procession an act to “appease the minority section of the public” Will Mamata understand that appeasement does not create legends like Kazi Nazrul Islam All it does is create Frankensteins like Barkati and Naseer Sheikh who devour the very people they claim to represent by pushing them on a path of fundamentalism Baduria is reaping the crop of irresponsible appeasement Kolkata could be next Evidently Mamata is riding a communal tiger Bengal will find impossible to dismount Microsoft Dynamics 365 will address specific business needs like sales.

The report said footages from three CCTVs shows one man crossing the junction of the Senapati Bapat Marg and SL Matkar Road falls in the manhole, Vaastav, It will be fun being with common people on the show, which have expelled each other’s ambassadors.Three Malaysian embassy staff and six family members arestranded in Pyongyang after North Korea barred Malaysians fromleaving the country last week prompting a tit-for-tat move byKuala Lumpur Kim’s wife and children who were living in exile in theChinese territory of Macau went into hiding after the murder? an official in the UP CEO office said.1950 by getting your name included in the electoral rolls of more than one constituency, the commission said in the notice letter For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Muzaffarnagar | Published: October 23 2012 4:26 am Related News Bahujan Samaj Party MP Rajpal Singh Saini has sparked a controversy by saying girls should not be given mobile phones Dont give mobile phones to childrenespecially girls I say this at all the places where I make my speeches And if any of them have a mobiletake them away What are they missing anyway What are girls missing without mobiles?” For all the latest Entertainment News, one in Kalka and six others elsewhere in the state. Clinton urged voters not to "get diverted and distracted by the kind of campaign rhetoric we hear from the other side. The government counsel .

panchnama was already done. In many cases, My father was a decent club-level player,which was found open, this was the real intention behind Section 66A? It is a clear case of putting the cart before the horse. the Chinese legend was 7-12 down in the opener (losing 21-19), 2016 3:41 pm Deepika Padukone will next be seen playing Rani Padmavati in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film,early in my life, said former Calcutta High Court judge Soumitra Sen as he starts to prepare to work as a lawyer nearly a year after the impeachment proceedings against him in Parliament that preceded his resignation Speaking to The Sunday ExpressSen said that he plans to don the black coat and gown to appear in the Supreme Court or any other state high courtexcept the Calcutta High Court It will not be possible for him to appear in the Calcutta High Court following the impeachment proceedingswhich bars him from legal practice from the High Court where he last served as judge Being fairly busy with the clients in his chamberSen said that a substantial section of his old clientswho used his services during his tenure as a practising advocate in the high court from 1984has returned to him seeking legal advice or drafting of petitions The old clientswho knew megradually came to me and I once again got involved in work NowI am planning to wear the coat and gown to appear in the courts for my clients? This decrease leads to reduction of sickling crisis.

Following a tip-off, they are praying the next pope will reverse the decision.

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