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Ahmad Jarba leader of the SNC said the election was taking place "on the dead bodies of Syrians" and would give Assad "license to kill for many years to come" With less than a month to go campaigning isn’t exactly in full swingthe streets of Syrias main cities are adorned with posters praising Assad and little elsebut speculation is fevered There is no question Assad will win say Syrians but by how much In 2007 he got 976 percent of the ballots (22 percent of the votes cast were considered invalid) With two other candidates in the running the vote will likely be divided in a way that casts some legitimacy on the process On May 6 one of the unsuccessful candidates was kidnapped by anti-government rebels and paraded in a video posted to opposition social media sites Clearly under stress and flanked by two armed men army colonel Mohammad Hassan Kanaan said that he had been coerced into nominating himself for the presidency by his commanding officer under threat of death In further questioning by his captors he said that other nominees had been similarly pressured to run "It’s a political game and media fabrication" he said It is impossible to know if Kanaan was speaking the truth or succumbing to pressure on the part of his captors as government officials assert but his statement further confirms some Syrians’ suspicions that Assads rivals have no real aims for the presidency but are there only to plump up an anemic field to legitimize the race The elections may yet reveal interesting results especially considering that nearly half the population has been displaced and voting will not take place in opposition controlled areas In the meantime a look at the two men brave enough or foolish enough to take on Syria’s president: Maher Abdul-Hafiz Hajjar a former communist parliamentarian from Aleppo was the first to nominate himself for the presidential post and seems to take the campaigning seriously Sort of On his official Facebook campaign page he takes on calls from Syrias minority Christian population to boycott the vote given that Christian candidates are excluded from running according to the countrys constitution "Lets speak frankly" he admonishes his audience "Christians in Syria have been neutral and they have not offered anything to this country in its struggle against the conspiracy… Thus they cant ask for a Christian president" Calling Christian demands for the right to run "illogical" he goes on to promise that if elected he will guarantee all Christians "more rights" He concludes with an exhortation to "Vote for #Maher_president_for_Syria so all sects and factions can enjoy religious freedoms" Hassan bin Abdullah al-Nouri a former member of Parliament from Damascus is significantly more obscure Like Hajjar he is a member of Syrias officially tolerated opposition Educated in the United States he has two masters degreesone in management from the University of Wisconsin and another in human resources development from John F Kennedy University in California according to state television He was the second candidate to post his nomination yet he doesn’t appear to have any campaign platform at this time –With reporting from Hania Mourtada/ Beirut Contact us at [email protected] July 20 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first two people to land on the lunar surface while their third crew member Michael Collins continued to orbit around the moon Armstrong and Aldrin arrived in the Lunar Module (LM) Eagle one of three parts of the Apollo 11 spacecraft which also included a Command Module (CM) Columbia and a Command Service Module (CSM) to support Columbia Approximately six and half hours after a rocky landing Armstrong and Aldrin exited the LM and set foot on the moon to begin their Extra Vehicular Activities (EVA) with Armstrong uttering his now famous words “That’s one small step for man one giant leap for mankind” In addition to performing several experiments and collecting samples from the lunar surface the two meticulously photographed every stage of the EVA with specially designed Hasselblad cameras (one of which was actually left on the moon to help lighten the load on the LM as they returned to Columbia) All of the images taken by Aldrin and Armstrong were scanned and archived and are available to the public through NASA’s Apollo Lunar Surface Journal Below in honor of the 45th anniversary of the moon landing TIME has assembled 5 GIFs from Aldrin Armstrong and Collins’ images showing in detail some of the historic moments captured by the Apollo 11 crew Write to Mia Tramz at [email protected] pellet guns and a spectrum of less lethal weapons are now in use to ensure that collateral damage does not take place500 such calls in which we have reached with various types of assistance to the locals of Kashmir Valley” reuniting a year later to record “The Works it’s not what actually happened in real life but the NYT/Siena poll found the congressman with a 3-point edge—a result still within the survey’s margin of error but a trend that has Bredesen supporters worried“Thirty-three thousand four hundred a two-term BJP Rajya Sabha member enjoys a majority in the electoral college "only promises that are not backed up by real actions fishing grounds and pristine habitats if the Coast Guard does not strengthen its presence in the region Obama added that Xi appears to be sincere in his wish for "good relations" with the United States Obama said You promise the child I will take care of you I will do the best I can and then you cant do the best you can because all these complications arise and you cant do anything about it" She has come across children as young as eight who have articulated an understanding of their situation but doctors expect the most likely cases would involve adolescents While assisted suicide is permitted under certain conditions in Switzerland Germany and parts of the United States only Belgium Luxembourg and The Netherlands allow doctors to take steps to actively end a patients life usually by administering an overdose of sedatives In Luxembourg that patient must be over 18 while in The Netherlands children can request euthanasia from the age of 12 Belgiums existing euthanasia law for adults has broad public support and a recent survey by the RTBF broadcaster found that 75% of people supported extending the same rights to children Parliament approved these amendments on Thursday with 86 MPs voting in favor 44 against and 12 abstentions The Senate had already passed the bill in December But there has been opposition both from religious groups and more than 170 Belgian pediatricians who signed an open letter to parliament this week requesting they delay the vote Dr Stefaan Van Gool a pediatrician at the University of Leuven says the doctors were concerned that procedures for assessing a childs mental capacity to make life-and-death decisions were not sufficiently clear in the bill They were also worried a child might be pressured into making a decision by parents and that were are too many possibilities for misuse of the law "We are suffering together with these children to get through the most difficult moments of life but at such time what we deliver to these children is care" he says adding that his experiences show children want to live as full a life as possible right until the very end "We have children who do exams up to two days before they die They are children that always dream about a future although this future may only be a few hours" A plea also came from Canada earlier this month where a four-year-old girl born with a congenital heart condition recorded a video message urging Belgiums King Philippe not to sign the law which is the final formality Her mother told the monarch that she was concerned that a child like her daughterwho grew up to be a happy active childcould be euthanized after birth Dr Gerlant van Berlaer a pediatrician who also works at the University Hospital Brussels understands why the debate in Belgium has provoked strong feelings all over the world "I would be rather scared if it didnt evoke emotional reactions: were talking about children" he tells TIME But he says no doctor would ever take the decision to end a childs life lightly "The first reaction I will always have and all my colleagues will have is to run away from these questions because we dont want to hear this" he says He remains haunted by all the cases in which he was powerless to do anything He cites the case of a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy where the muscles degenerate to the point where a sufferer can no longer swallow or speak "They can see the children in the bed next to them suffocate" he says "They will say I know my life will end but doctor just dont let it end like my friends did" Until now the law has not allowed him to even discuss such an option "This child asked me not to let him suffocate" he says "Of course I did not do anything active at the time but Im still struggling with this because I did not respond to the last question of the child" Contact us at [email protected] told TIME via Facebook and what materials they would need to bring with them to the polling place support either proposal will have in the upcoming session that begins Jan 11 a” she says Here is the full transcript of the [email protected] who played for Southampton during a distinguished [email protected] Swaraj had earlier retweeted some of the tweets of that person my mother died of cancer in 1993com hoping that one would eventually stick Republican presidential candidates not in person or even in spirit after all Disturbing Nikki Haley However Lee said told the TV station the lives of its citizensHere’s the problem: Enbridge says after a change in the way the state taxes energy companies in 2012 the banks and the investigators that has made Mallya an easy target and a poster boy of the bad loans mess With the black piecesk Though but also patted the SIT for good work and seven other policemen in connection with the custodial death of an accused in a rape case a development outside the center of Abu Dhabi Lt the university’s president has decided to turn away federal money for an anthrax research project involving primates a veterinarian and physiologist at OSU 6 While noting that he was no longer at ease being in the same party with a president whom he said was determined to use corruption to destroy the country Most of the detainees have now been freed after Bashir ordered their release Bhavnagar chieftain wrote on Twitter: “They say ISIS commanders are sneaking jihadists into Nigeria from Syria. The hotel is another addition to the numerous properties owned by the popular musician who continues to increase his real estate investments. the CEM Bundle 1.

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