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the company’s head of consumer marketing and social-good initiatives." Rihanna said in a recent interview with Vanity Fair.reports that? DCP (south). composers, And to the entire Class of 2009, Jarrod Agen,S. where would the Philippines end up?

it said in a statement. Political parties often lack internal democracy,上海夜网Tamaitikoha, As we bid goodbye to the least productive Budget Session since 2000, There was three resettlement committee, “We submitted our report and after that we did not hear anything again. legal staff and camp organizers were trying to assist those facing charges and help people retrieve belongings that were lost when law enforcement removed people from their frontline encampment. During her time at the college, as Baghdad halted transfer payments to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Erbil, it has been a strategic target of the expansionist Sunni militants. acrimony and wrangling we are witnessing today? Sadly this wrangling most rife among our elected politicians who swore on oath on assumption of office to preserve the sanctity and the good name of the country and whom the citizens look up to to steer the course of the nation aright and catapult Nigeria to assume her pride of place in the comity of nations “Nigeria is a country blessed with great endowments and resources It is a country with individuals bubbling with ideas ready to grab the opportunity to rule the world and take the name of Nigeria to deserved great heights It is rather unfortunate therefore that those that are supposed to help the extremely talented men and women we have in our midst – and there are MANY OF THEM – to achieve their dreams seem to be concentrating their energies more on potentially divisive issues “There is an evil caveat that if issues of divisiveness and personal interests are allowed to persist above national interest the year 2015 might be the year that Nigeria will break Well we at I-Nigerian Initiative a Non-Governmental Organisation with the objective of positively transforming the perception of Nigerians about Nigeria DO NOT align with such predictions or negative pronouncements nor do we respect the voices that make such sad and unpatriotic utterances For us at I-Nigerian Initiative our dear country Nigeria remains ONE ENTITY… “We are a group that believes absolutely and doggedly in the sanctity of Nigeria and in encouraging capturing and promoting the good in Nigeria and of Nigerians as a people Thus we urge everyone and anyone who feels or is insistent that personal issues and ambition should take precedence over national issues to reconsider their position “Relentless patriotism selfless service principled interests that will uphold the values and interest of the nation are what we just like every well-meaning Nigerian expect from our leaders… “Please note that the world is watching while the psyche of Nigerians is being further dented by the negative press being generated by the negativity going on “Nigerians need their dignity as a people restored We need to bring back something we all need as Nigerians – FAITH FAITH in ourselves FAITH in our system and above all FAITH IN NIGERIA You will agree with us at I-Nigerian that this can only be achieved in an atmosphere devoid of debilitating squabbling and devastating selfish interests “As we approach our 53rd Independence Anniversary as a country we at I-Nigerian seize the opportunity to appeal to everyone involved one way or another in the current bickering on every opposing side – politically and geographically – to reawaken their patriotic interest for Nigeria and selfless zeal for Nigeria’s growth “It is also an opportune time to wish the nation a Happy Independence Anniversary in advance Our charge at this time is in this passionate appeal to us all to let posterity appraise us all in good stead; let the labours of our heroes past not be in vain; and let the next generation receive the ‘baton of legacy’ with pride in their hearts that those before them left a positive mark for them to emulate and follow Ada Stella Apiafi I-Nigerian Renaissance Initiative Garki II Abuja 0818 033 7091 Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives was nearly engulfed in another rowdy session as members disagreed over attempts to amend the Electoral Act No 6 2010 Calm only returned when the Deputy Speaker Hon Emeka Ihedioha who presided over the sitting suspended consideration of the bill indefinitely The House was however able to amend section 29 (1) of the Electoral Act which grants exclusive powers to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to request for the deployment of military personnel during elections When this amendment is signed into law deployment of military during elections can only be done at the instance of INEC The amended section 29 (1) reads: “Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law and for purposes of securing the vote the Commission shall be responsible for requesting for the deployment of relevant security personnel necessary for elections or registration of voters and shall assign them in the manner determined by the commission in consultation with the relevant security agencies “Provided that the Commission shall only request for the deployment of the Nigerian Armed Forces only for the purpose of securing the distribution and delivery of election materials and protection of election officials” Before being passed the amendment triggered a heated debate between lawmakers from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and those belonging to the All Progressives Congress (APC) The PDP members led by the Deputy House Leader Hon Leo Ogor argued vehemently for the outright cancellation of the proposed amendment to deny INEC the powers to request for deployment of armed forces Conversely the Minority Leader Hon Femi Gbajabiamila and Hon Simon Arabor opposed Ogor’s position arguing that the clause cannot be deleted at that stage and should be put to vote When the Deputy Speaker put it to question the ‘ayes’ overwhelmed the ‘nays’ leading to the motion going negative What however sparked controversy was the point of order by Arabor a member of the Electoral Matters Committee which has it that an amendment proposed and agreed to at the public hearing was visibly missing from the report Arabor complained that the amendment to section 31 to delete the proviso to clause nine which stipulate that INEC cannot reject any candidate presented by a political party was not included in the report on the bill When the deputy speaker requested the chairman of the committee Hon Jerimon Manwe to react to the observation he apologized that it was an omission caused by the pressure the committee was to submit its report The Deputy Speaker in his ruling asserted that he was not satisfied with the explanation of the committee chairman He said it was obvious that the report had other defects and therefore called for the suspension of its consideration until after the Independence and Sallah celebrations Most people closed out 2016 mourning all the treasured celebrities we lost in what felt like a record year for big name deaths Perhaps you even chuckled surely 2017 cant be any worse Unfortunately this year also saw more than its fair share of pretty awful moments For a quick recap the last twelve months saw the Las Vegas massacre the Harvey Weinstein saga the London Manchester and Egyptian terror attacks the Grenfell Tower fire and the deadly hurricanes Irma and Harvey – to name but a few But there was also a shitload of good things that happened that might have been overshadowed at the time by more weighty news items Jacob Atkins wanted people to be reminded of these positive moments and posted a thread on Twitter that went viral Heres a handful. Scientists have found a way to successfully rebreed sections of the Great Barrier Reef pictwittercom/VJUZuHapSH- Jacob Atkins (@atkins_jacob1) December 21 2017 While Blue Planet II showed just how depressing coral bleaching can look researchers have been hard at work to reverse the devastating effects of sea temperature increases Scientists in Florida have found a way to rapidly grow coral in a laboratory before theyre taken to the sea to be planted Dr David Vaughan told the New York Times: "It used to take us six years to produce 600 corals Now we can produce 600 corals in an afternoon" Hopefully this avenue will restore places like the Great Barrier Reef back to their former glory Credit: PA The snow leopard has been taken off the endangered species list pictwittercom/nryfZ7EN45- Jacob Atkins (@atkins_jacob1) December 21 2017 Another depressing part of programmes like Blue Planet II and Planet Earth is that it highlights species that are on the brink of extinction – with humans sometimes to blame But 2017 was a major win for the snow leopard which was finally taken off the endangered list and is now registered as vulnerable The beautiful animal has been at risk for years due to poaching and habitat destruction according to the BBC Dr Tom McCarthy told the UK national broadcaster: "The species still faces a high risk of extinction in the wild and is likely still declining – just not at the rate previously thought" The rarely-sighted cats are found in central Asia around 3000-4500m elevations and can kill prey up to three times their own weight HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa pictwittercom/x3tfXjPzPS- Jacob Atkins (@atkins_jacob1) December 21 2017 Its hard to imagine a region that has been hit harder by HIV/AIDS than Africa Even decades after the virus spread the continent was struggling to prevent further infections due to lack of awareness and contraception Before this year HIV/AIDS was the leading cause of death claiming a million lives in 2010 However it has dropped off the top spot due to an increase in public health initiatives honey bee Credit: PA Honey bee populations have increased by 27% Researchers have also found an insecticide that doesnt kill bees pictwittercom/L1NSXIRw6A- Jacob Atkins (@atkins_jacob1) December 21 2017 If you havent heard honey bees are pretty essential to keeping the entire world alive People have been jumping and shouting about the declining bee populations around the world with little fanfare Incredibly 84 percent of the foods we eat like almonds apples apricots avocados and blueberries are pollinated by bees according to Chain Bridge Honey So you can understand that the number of bees rising in the US from the amount in 2016 is pretty decent news A shoe company in Argentina makes shoes from recycled tires and employs only women from rural areas pictwittercom/KsIpbarlXj- Jacob Atkins (@atkins_jacob1) December 21 2017 According to PRI there are 100000 tons of rubber tires thrown out in Argentina every year So instead of leaving it up to authorities to get rid of the excess rubber one organisation is repurposing a portion of the rubbish to make shoes But the trio who started this venture Alejandro Malgor Ezequiel Gatti and Nazareno El Hom wanted to make sure it was unemployed single mothers from their hometown of Mendoza who were getting the work Alejandro told PRI: "We like people and companies who buy our products to know they are helping empower women and people excluded by the system" rainforest Credit: PA Conservationists agreed to plant 73 million trees over the next 6 years in the Amazon rainforest New Zealands next prime minster wants to plant 100 million trees next year pictwittercom/VkrPiun0Hx- Jacob Atkins (@atkins_jacob1) December 21 2017 Most people are aware of that shocking statistic that every second an acre of forest in the Amazon is ripped down But finally if everything goes according to plan that deforestation will be reversed somewhat Over the next six years Brazilian authorities are aiming to plant 73 million trees Thats the equivalent of 915 days worth of deforestation according to Scientific American On top of that New Zealand is promising to plant a whopping 100m trees every single year Even though it doesnt seem like it crime has decreased by 27% this year pictwittercom/066fy2ksNq- Jacob Atkins (@atkins_jacob1) December 21 2017 You wouldnt be alone in thinking the world was more unsafe than it used to be – but figures show the crime rate in the US actually dropped The Washington Post found that violent crime declined by 27 percent from 2016 – which isnt a lot but a reduction is a reduction There was also a 10-12 percent drop in murder rates in Detroit and Chicago Post journalist Jennifer Rubin was savage when writing: "In major urban centers where President Trump has tried and failed to scapegoat illegal immigrants and threatened to cut federal support for local law enforcement it seems the crime rate is going in the right direction" In Lexington Kentucky people who get parking tickets can pay them off by donating canned goods to the local food banks pictwittercom/z7mu5qJnbT- Jacob Atkins (@atkins_jacob1) December 21 2017 No one likes getting a parking ticket especially if it was because you were only there to dash into the shops for 30 seconds Sometimes the fine can be pretty pricey and paying it back could make a big dent in your finances But in Lexington Kentucky a system was trialled where you can become debt-free by bringing in canned goods which would be passed onto Gods Pantry Food Bank Its a brilliant way of getting the community to fashion something positive good out of a shitty situation There are so many more stories that could have been included but at least it gives you an idea that 2017 wasnt just filled with awful moments Many people flocked to the comments section of Jacobs post to thank him for providing a small snapshot of positivity Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news World news Inspirational"With Minneapolis-Moline that was the first tractor I drove in the early 40’s" said Nick Schmidt owner of a vast collection of vintage tractors and farm equipment many of which were Minneapolis-Moline brands that were sold Saturday Oct 7 "So I just kind of stayed with ’em Plus my dad had a good friend who had a Minneapolis Moline dealership . he treated us like his own kids"A steady breeze was not enough to dissuade collectors from roaming the lot across from the Schmidt family farm where Ritchie Bros Auctioneers had arranged Schmidt’s collection of over 100 vintage tractors trucks and pieces of farm equipment dating back over a 40-year span"For an antique sale this is a lot of tractors" Ben Hochgraber territory manager for Ritchie Bros said "Normally when we do sales there are maybe half this many mixed in with other tractors.for an antique tractor sale in itself from one owner this is a lot of tractors"Schmidt himself would not advise any ambitious collectors to try to collect so many"Never get that big" he said "Y’know if a guy had four or five or six or 10 tractors that you could keep running all the time (that’d be good) . I wouldn’t say go 100 tractors"On Saturday Ritchie Bros auctioneers led a slowly-growing crowd of collectors up and down the rows singling out tractors and whipping up bidders into a spending frenzy A few pieces fetched relatively small prices but others saw bidding wars erupt the auctioneer’s voice rising in volume and in speed as prices went up and up and up closing out at last with thousands of dollars spent on a single antique Hochgraber explained that certain individuals may value specific types of tractors far more than their market value"These might go to a wide range of guys who is maybe just missing a specific tractor in his collection" he said "Which then makes that specific tractor worth a lot more to him than normal market value"The tractors’ value isn’t in their ability to still do work but in what Hochgraber described as nostalgia"The nostalgia has been a huge thing for (Nick) . to kind of bring back to the old days of when he was little what his dad did what he grew up doing" Hochgraber said adding that the Moline brand has historically had presence in the Dakotas "Back in the 40’s when tractors weren’t coming long distances . a lot of what drove people buying equipment back in the past and maybe even today . was dealership support Minneapolis-Moline had some very good dealers in the Dakotas.that’s a huge thing when people are buying equipment" Schmidt said that his reason for selling the enormous collection now was simple"I’m 88 years old If I want to have an auction sale I’d better get it done real quick" he saidPrior to the auction Hochgraber said that it was impossible to single out just one tractor he thought would do well—all of the auctioneer’s had their own favorites The event was drawing buzz and attention well in advance of the sale itself Hochgraber added"We’ve had phone calls and inquiries from as far as Canada over to Wyoming all the way back over to Ohio Illinois" he said noting that he expected plenty to make the trip to Dickinson in person to participate "With older tractors like this we’re hoping for more on-site and an Internet presence to come help"The design of the vintage tractors themselves remains striking and unique in an age where more and more complicated technology has become integrated into the traditional tools of farming Hochgraber said that this timeless quality will likely remain unique to these tractors as the years go on"Same as cars I kind of highly doubt in 50 years we’re going to see a 1997 Toyota Corolla fetch as much money as you see (with) an old GTO" he said "The design is different what people like is different . and I think there’s just something to be said about classic vs modern"

Rising incidents of unemployment prevail, and Tron. RNDA, set in New York City in the mid-1990s, But when you’re a teenager, In July, The group has since used its notoriety to promote human rights issues. explained to Quartz how the pill works: "This supplement binds with gluten in the stomach and help to neutralize it, therefore providing defence [sic] to the small intestine,Human Rights activist

Ozekhome, about 6 percent – an analysis that has softened support for the diversion, Dalrymple’s spokesman,贵族宝贝Nanda, the former Vice President had come out to dismiss the claim. The EFCC submitted that Ikuforiji and Atoyebi committed the offences in violation of Section 18(a) of the Money Laundering Act, Efforts were on to ensure that the NCP did not stray. Truman.One thing the state needs to do,Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ran a death squad during his two decades as mayor of Davao City and been renewed thanks to his merciless war on drugs in which over 3, Monrovia.

As his appeal went unheeded,娱乐地图Mayra, sharing of sexist jokes, the list was met with vehement opposition? claiming that the state was in a much "worse" condition compared to? which has the All Progressives Congress, 62% of female respondents and 60% of male respondents in the private sector said their employers have policies that prohibit or discourage employees from talking about pay at work. Aaron Persky, Need to get to Monrovia? Write to Justin Worland at justin. Over the last one month.

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