SecondWindTour EndAgeism Campaign Kicks Off

Jul 20, 2019 oigcpvet

first_imgby, Kavan Peterson, Editor, ChangingAging.orgTweetShare42Share18Email60 SharesNext week Ashton Applewhite will be joining Bill Thomas & team onstage in Columbus to kick off the Midwest Swing as the Second Wind Tour’s anti-ageism Agitator in Chief!So far the Second Wind Tour’s five-hour “nonfiction theater” experience has has centered largely around personal growth and reimagining aging. But starting now we’re taking advantage of Ashton’s razor wit and advocacy to make ending ageism a central focus of the Second Wind Tour.Make sure you visit the Second Wind Tour Blog and especially the Tour Tumblr, where we will publish a series of graphics for the Second Wind Tour #EndAgeism Campaign.What is the root of ageism in our society? Dr. Bill Thomas argues that our society venerates and idealizes youth while ignoring elders with real lived experience, making them invisible. It is perpetuated in the mass media by what he calls “the doctrine of youth perfection”.Last weekend Nashville Public Television debuted an outstanding documentary “Aging Matters“, exploring the changing face of aging and what our community faces as the baby boomer generation grows the over 65 population to unprecedented numbers. Watch Bill and other experts talk about ageism in the excerpt below.Watch the full episode here: Related PostsDeclaring Independence From AgeismThis Fourth of July lets declare independence from ageism! It won’t be an easy revolution. Like the colonial British Empire, ageism won’t roll over without a fight.Happy New Year From ChangingAging!On this New Year’s Eve we’d like to raise a toast to our readers and thank everyone who supported our efforts to change aging for the better!From Ageism to Age PrideAshton Applewhite stands before a room of dozens of people expecting to hear the same ‘ol spiel. Instead, she poses a question: “What is every person in this room going to become?” When no one offers an answer she continues. “Older. The prospect has an awful lot of us scared…TweetShare42Share18Email60 SharesTags: Ageism ageist Ashton Applewhite ThisChairRockslast_img

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