Taika Waititi Is Making a Flash Gordon Cartoon Now Too

Sep 19, 2019 xlrpdwto

first_img One of my biggest criticisms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the uncaring way the machinery chews up and spits out the actual artists who make the movies in the first place. Anyone got a copy of Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man they could lend to me? However, sometimes a filmmaker is lucky and savvy enough to turn that corporate gig into a blank check to take on whatever project they want next. And fortunately for us sometimes that filmmaker is the hilarious Taika Waititi.Following his successful reinvention of the God of Thunder in Thor Ragnarok, Waititi has 1. Turned his great vampire movie What We Do In The Shadows into a great vampire TV show 2. Starred as an imaginary idiot version of Adolf Hitler in his upcoming movie Jojo Rabbit and 3. Signed on to direct the long-anticipated live-action adaptation of the legendary manga Akira. And now you can add a fourth project, an animated Flash Gordon movie, to that list.Even if you don’t know Flash Gordon specifically, you know its vibe. The 1930s space opera comic strip by Alex Raymond, starring a Yale polo player who battles space aliens, is one of those nerd ur-texts like John Carter or The Lord of the Rings or Dune that massively influenced pretty much everything else that came after them in the genre. Star Wars arguably started as a Flash Gordon fan film.The shiny gaudy magical sci-fi camp fantasy aesthetic of Thor Ragnarok certainly owes a lot to Flash Gordon, especially the 1980s movie version. What is Thor in that movie if not a heroic space jock? So Waititi makes sense as a pick. Plus his sense of humor should keep it on the right side of ridiculous considering there’s a character named Ming the Merciless. We’ll be interested to see how he does with an animated project though.There’s no release date for Flash Gordon, which makes sense considering Waititi has at least two other movies to get through before then. In the meantime, just check out our review of Thor Ragnarok again. Taika Waititi’s ‘Thor 4’ Pushes Back ‘Akira’MCU News: Donald Glover’s Role, a Chris Stays On, & Ms. Marvel Updates Stay on targetlast_img

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