iPad 3 to have larger battery no quadcore chip

Sep 21, 2019 oigcpvet

first_imgWe’re probably in the last month before the iPad 3 is announced, so you can expect to get a healthy dose of leaks and rumors on a near daily basis. A couple of leaks today are contributing to the picture that we’re getting of the next-gen tablet.Today’s first report is derived from leaked images that allegedly show the back casing of the iPad 3. We can draw several conclusions from this side-by-side comparison. First, it appears that the logic board will be arranged differently. This, in turn, leaves more room for a bigger battery — which is also looking like a distinct possibility.The camera also appears to be different from that of the iPad 2. Though nothing is known aside from a different housing for the camera, Apple will almost certainly upgrade it from the crappy shooter in the iPad 2. Whether it will be the 8MP camera from the iPhone 4S (as previously rumored) is unknown.The biggest change, though, can also be speculated upon from this casing. It indicates that the LCD display will be different in some way. Nearly everyone is expecting a double-resolution Retina Display (2048 x 1536) in the iPad 3, so this would be consistent with that speculation.But wait, there’s more! In addition to the leaked casing images, The Verge has some more supposed information about the next iPad. “People familiar with the product” say that it will indeed have that Retina display, and will be roughly the same size as the iPad 2 (about 1mm thicker). It will allegedly have a more powerful GPU (no big surprise), but the A6 chip that it sports won’t be quad-core. Many had assumed that Apple would jump into the quad-core fray this year, but if this report is true, Apple wouldn’t likely introduce a quad-core chip until the A7 in 2013.True? False? It’s all speculation until Tim Cook takes the stage (probably next month). But, unlike the conflicting rumors we’ve heard about other Apple devices, these are starting to paint a clear picture: Retina display, bigger battery, looks almost exactly like the iPad 2, upgraded cameras, and an upgraded A6 chip — whether it’s dual-core or quad-core.via RepairLabs, The Vergelast_img

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