Pfadi Winterthur win Swiss derby

Sep 22, 2019 ikmdasbx

4TSV St. Otmar St. Gallen2225 2Pfadi Winterthur2332 3Wacker Thun2231 In derby match of two best Swiss teams, Pfadi Winterhur beat Kadetten Schaffhausen 29:19 (15:8) in front of 700 domestic fans. However, this won’t affect on the race for the pole position before the Play-Off, as Lars Walther team is still far away from the rivals…Pfadi Winterthur: Bringolf/Vaskevicius; Maros, Corovic (3), Tynowsky (1), Hess (7/2), Sidorowicz (6), Gavranovic (2), Lier (4/3), Vernier (1), Jud (2), Scheuner (1), Freivogel (1), Svajlen (1).Kadetten: Marinovic (1)/Portner; Cvijetic (4), Karacic (1), Liniger, Küttel (2), Richwien, Graubner, Pendic (5/2), Brännberger, Stojanovic, Csaszar 1), Maros (4), Koch (1).STANDINGS: 6BSV Bern Muri2219 1Kadetten Schaffhausen2339 5HC Kriens-Luzern2225 Pfadi Winterthur ← Previous Story Women’s EHF CL: Only Vardar and Budućnost for “hat-trick” in Budapest Next Story → Jonas Larholm to leave TT Holstebro

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