Ministry of Education Authorizes Moroccan Public Teachers to Work in Private

Oct 12, 2019 ignadvgt

Rabat – Mohammed Hassad, the newly appointed Minister of Education has expressed his aim to authorize the public teachers to work overtime hours in the private institutions, reported Moroccan daily newspaper Assabah on Thursday.The decision came following a meeting held last Friday with several representatives of associations working in the private education sector.During the meeting, the representatives reviewed and evaluated the difficulties and obstacles encountered by private school teachers. Abdellah Khmiss, the president of the Union of Private Teaching and Training in Morocco, disclosed that the meeting concluded by deciding to allow teachers to work in the private sector, on condition that they completely fulfill their responsibilities in the public sector. He stated that this condition is fair and equitable.Hamid Bencheikh, the deputy secretary general of the National Federation of Educational Officials, said that the implementation of Hassad’s decision would help uncover problems to be solved.The ban of professors from working in private schools had been published in a note during the tenure of the former Minister of Education Mohamed El Ouafa. It came into effect during the mandate of his successor Rachid Belmokhtar in 2015, when the Ministry published Decree 0001-15, announcing that it would no longer provide authorizations to teachers working in all levels of the education system to work overtime hours in private schools.

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