FreeOuldNass Campaign to Stop Prosecution of British Gay Tourists Friend

Oct 12, 2019 hixaginc

Rabat – A day after the release of British citizen Ray Cole, his Moroccan friend, Jamal Ould Nass has been granted provisional release, but is still likely to face prison time.After the release of the Cole amid a strong international campaign supporting his case, social media activists launched the #FreeOuldNass movement to call for the complete freedom for Ould Nass, who was jailed alongside Cole in Marrakech for “homosexual acts.”The petition called on activists abroad to rally to help Ould Nass and to put an end to “arresting mature people because of their private practices.” “Ould Nass is not the victim´s real name–this nickname is used in order to protect the victim’s identity; the real name has been diffused to the extremist groups in Morocco and we believe that he is now in great danger; even in case he embraces freedom his life will still be threatened,” the petition said.Jamal Ould Nass was arrested and imprisoned with Ray Cole for alleged, “gross indecency, homosexual intercourse and possession of pornographic images” on October 2.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed

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