Metis Nation of Ontario put on year probation ordered to rescind communities

Oct 14, 2019 dyazmcsz

first_imgDarrell StrangerAPTN NewsThe Metis National Council (MNC) has adopted a resolution to put the Metis Nation of Ontario (MNO) on a one year probation following the organization grandfathering in non Metis citizens and six Metis communities where the Metis National Council only recognizes one.“So we’re at the stage it’s up to the Metis Nation leadership in Ontario to comply if they can meet the conditions then there’s no issue,” said MNC President Clement Chartier.“If they can’t it’s not an issue for us.”Some of the resolutions include, a committee of the MNC board of governors is going to be established to organize a registry review of all MNO members, and the MNO rescind its declaration of the six new historic Metis communities.The MNO has one year to adopt the re-admission resolutions.MNO President Margaret Froh said she doesn’t see a problem with meeting these requirements, but she isn’t happy about it.“I think in particular when making this kind of decision I would prefer our assembly had all the information and had the time to be able to really consider properly,” she said. “That being said the will of the assembly has been essentially the Metis nation of Ontario was being provided with a year to provide some clarity around some of the points they’ve raised.”The MNC said if the MNO doesn’t meet the deadlines and requirements, it will be [email protected]@darrellstrangerlast_img

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