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first_img:10 Please… stop worrying. If you think the NFL owners and players are going to stop playing football with a $10 billion plus profit, you’re as crazy as Charlie Sheen.:09 Speaking of Charlie Sheen, you tell me what Black actor would be allowed to get away with the things he’s done. NOBODY THAT’S WHO!! BILL NEAL :08 Hines Ward on “Dancing with the Stars.” I am okay with it, but I can’t see him winning. Look for Sugar Ray Leonard to take the trophy. He’s serious about winning. (Oh shut-up…you know you watch the show with all those half naked women.) Besides, if it’s okay for Emmitt Smith, Jason Taylor, and Jerry Rice, it’s okay for ME!:07 “The New” Connie Hawkins Youth Development League is now taking rosters for middle school boys and girls teams for summer league play. Competition begins June 5. Call the Champions for more information at 412-628-4856.:06 Hey, It’s baseball season, the Pirates are going to start playing soon…. Yea!!:05 I am sorry but I just have to say this and then I’ll let it go. We should have won the Super Bowl. You and I both know the best team didn’t win. WE WILL RETURN!!:04 Look, I hate the Heat as much as the next guy. Don’t ask me why, I just do. But the 20 point let-up loss to Orlando was more about focus than anything else. They thought the game was over at the half. But Boston still wins the East…and I HATE THEM TOO!!:03 By now, I am sure you did what I asked you to do and sent a congratulations note to our home grown basketball star DeJuan Blair. Now I want you to do the same thing with “D.J.” Kennedy at St. John’s University. Now in his senior year, “D.J.” is leading his team to NCAA Sweet Sixteen possibilities after upsetting six nationally ranked top ten teams.:02 In case you don’t know or maybe growing old like “Butchie” sitting up at the East Hills Giant Eagle, “D.J.” got his talents from one of the city’s all time great guards, his dad… David “Puffy” Kennedy, also a Schenley Spartan and great player at Cincinnati University. Pound for pound, he was as tough and as good as anybody, and yes he is a deserving member of the Top Ten Point Guards of all time out of Pittsburgh.:01 While I am back to that list, you better add Jeffery “Whitemouse” Hutchinson to the top ten guards list and he could make the top ten slam dunk list too. (Did I mention “Mouse” was maybe 5’10’’…and he would dunk on ya!!DOUBLE OVERTIME:00 Don’t miss the Pittsburgh/Allegheny County Public Service Awards, March 24, at the Allegheny County Court House, honoring our local heroes…our public servants that serve and protect us each and every day. If you know a hero that should be honored, call me at 412-628-4856.GAME OVERlast_img

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