Omega Optical Opens Doors At New World Headquarters

Jan 1, 2021 hprijhpt

first_imgOmega Optical Opens Doors At New World HeadquartersOmega Optical has just moved into its new 30,000 square foot worldheadquarters and manufacturing facility on the Delta Campus inBrattleboro. The company, a leading worldwide supplier of opticalfilters for scientific research and instrumentation, is unifying itsoperation in a state-of-the art building while adding capacity andcapabilities to satisfy growth in a variety of markets.The new facility, designed from the ground-up specifically for themanufacture of optical filters, has provided the company with theopportunity to reengineer and plan every step of the manufacturing processfor efficient flow, with the resulting quality improvements andcost-savings. Omega has also seen the move as an opportunity to makemajor capital equipment improvements that will result in increasedcapacity and capabilities, the benefits of which will be passed on to itscustomers as well. Major equipment purchases have been made in the area ofcoating capacity, clean-room capable work and processing areas, and CNCmetal machining.With coating technology at the heart of the business, Omega has investedmost heavily in high volume coating systems and an automated manufacturingline to increase capacity. Several sputtering systems have been addedwith high capacity large format capability for high precision durablesurface coatings and high volume protected coatings. Another additionincludes a large capacity, high current, ion assist e-beam system, whichwill enhance coating performance as well as improving yields and capacity. The third major addition is an automated assembly line being used for thecompany’s patent-pending 3RD Millennium product line. This load-lockedsystem produces coatings with high uniformity, increasing yields whilelowering costs and speeding up delivery times. The new facility alsoincludes processing and work stations that are clean room capableenvironments. In addition, CNC metal machining has been brought online sothat filter mounting hardware, such as rings, holders, and sub-assemblies,can be rapidly customized.The emphasis of all of these changes according to Robert Johnson, OmegaPresident, has been to improve quality and performance, while loweringcost and speeding up the manufacturing cycle.” “Customer demands arehigh”, adds Ruth Gorham-Houle, VP Business Development and ClientServices, “and we have made these manufacturing changes proactively tomeet and exceed our customer’s expectations.” All of the upgrades inmanufacturing equipment are intended to complement and enhance the leadingtechnology position that Omega already occupies in the optical filterindustry.Omega Optical’s new facility is the first building on The Delta Campus, a137 acre parcel envisioned by Omega President Johnson to consist of aunique combination of business and residential uses. The Master Plan forthe Campus includes seven “high information technology” businesses, aneducational institution, and forty residential units. With the Omegabuilding complete Gordon Bristol, Delta Campus Project Manager, states,”Work now begins on promoting the Campus to other potential hightechnology tenants, as well as on the planning and construction of theresidential component of the project.” Bristol adds, “We believe thatthis unique concept and site will be an extremely attractive alternativefor companies looking to locate away from major metropolitan areas.””The beautiful view to the south down the Connecticut River Valley,”Johnson concludes, “is not just good for employees, in that we have abeautiful environment in which to work, but is a daily reminder of thepotential for Omega in our new facility. The horizon is wide and thefuture market potential for optical filters, like the view, is expansive.”For more information about Omega’s new facility contact Radka Jiraskova,International Marketing Associate, at [email protected](link sends e-mail). Formore information about the Delta Campus contact Gordon Bristol, ProjectManager Delta Campus, at [email protected](link sends e-mail).Since 1969 Omega Optical has built its technical reputation on definingthe state-of-the-art for optical interference filter performance,manufacturing optical filters for scientists and instrument manufacturersworldwide. From biotech to astronomy, fluorescence microscopy to colorimaging, environmental monitoring to semi-conductor manufacturing, OmegaOptical has supplied filters for the Hubble Space Telescope, the HumanGenome Project, and the filming of Star Wars.last_img

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