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first_imgBREAKING NEWS GEORGE LUMLEYS REQUESTS FOR PAST  BROWNFIELDS CORP. AUDITS DENIEDWe just received to e-mail exchange from George Lumley concerning his requests for copies of past Evansville Brownfield Corp audits.  Mr. Lumley’s correspondence between him and Brownfield Corp. attorney Nick Cirignano speaks for itself.We post the attached e-mail exchange between Mr. Lumley and Attorney Nick Cirignano  for your review and comments.Starting next week the City County Observer shall be contacting the Division of the Office of the Special Inspector General For The Troubled Asset Relief Program are and ask that they begin a special investigations on Evansville Brownfield Corp soon as possible.Enough is enough.  Evansville Brownfield financial operations solely depends on taxpayers money (Federal-State and local).  The taxpayers of this community deserves to know how their hard earned tax dollars are being spent.We are extremely disappointed in the main stream media for not getting involved in this issue of “transparency and “public access”.Below is the correspondence between Lumley and Evansville Brownfield Corp AttorneyGeorge Lumley Add to contacts 8:03 AM Keep this message at the top of your inbox To: ‘Nick Cirignano’ Cc: ‘Coures, Kelley’, ‘Rusk, Carolyn’[email protected] CirignanoI will try to summarize here the information that I would like to provide directly to your auditors. Although your organization claims to be public (when they speak to the public) it operates like a private club and claims to be a private club when addressing individuals like me. From looking at the information that I have found to exist in the public domain it appears that your organization has spent Federal Funds Inappropriately. I do not know how long you have been involved with EBC. You current Board Members may not be aware of past activities or obligations.When I search the public domain I find only one audit filed and made public in the history of the EBC. This audit was for the year 2009 and I find no more even though it appears there would be an audit requirement.When I look at the transactions that I find in the public domain I question the handling of the federal funds entrusted to the EBC. It appears that purchases, dispositions and program income may not follow federal guidelines.For instance: It appears a financial institution had 3 houses they acquired through foreclosure. One house had a negative value. The financial institution packaged the Negatively valued property with two others and sold the package for $13,500. A few months later the Buyer sells the negative value house to the EBC for about $40,000. Then the negative valued property is demolished and cleaned up at the publics expense. Something is wrong with this picture. If your private EBC club was doing this with their money I would not be concerned. It appears they used federal dollars for this purpose. This questionable purchase is not an isolated instance.Questions also exist on disposition of property purchased with federal funds. For example a house purchased for $20,000 was transferred for $-0- to someone to repair. How does the fair market value of a property change from $20,000 to $-0- in a matter of month. It would appear that EBC paid $20,000 over fair market value or sold the property for $20,000 under fair market value. Another house purchased for $80,000 sold for $5,000. Not only homes were purchased. A business was purchased for $190,000 and sold for $15,000.I suspect the EBC had obligations for dispensing program income that may not have been followed. For example: The EBC/DMD purchased a property for $350,000. They made an estimated $60,000 in improvements and then sold the property for $15,000. Along with the sale there was also a gift of $100,000 to be applied toward development cost. This represents a total cash outlay of $495,000. From the information I find in the public domain EBC get all its funding from governmental grants or program income for those grants.I suspect I have information pertinent to the audit of the EBC.Sincerely,George Lumley From: Nick Cirignano [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 11:22 AMTo: George Lumley Cc: Coures, Kelley ; Rusk, Carolyn Subject: RE: Brownfields auditMr. Lumley,You have properly summarized our official position. You may feel free to forward to me any information you feel is relevant for our auditors.Regards,NICK J. CIRIGNANOcid:[email protected] NW FIRST STREET 9TH FLOOR | PO BOX 916EVANSVILLE INDIANA 47706 0916PHONE (812) 424-7575 | FAX (812) 421-5089 | ZSWS.COM___________________________________________________From: George Lumley [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 10:49 AMTo: ‘Nick Cirignano’Cc: ‘Coures, Kelley’; ‘Rusk, Carolyn’Subject: RE: Brownfields auditMr. Cirignano,Do you need more time to decide if you have an obligation to provide the information I requested or is the official response from your organization that you are private and have no obligation to the public to disclose your personal business?Please take note that I feel that I have information that in my opinion would impact the financial reporting obligation of the EBC. Please notify your auditors.Thanks YouGeorge Lumleycenter_img From: Nick Cirignano [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Monday, February 08, 2016 9:27 AMTo: George LumleyCc: Coures, Kelley; Rusk, CarolynSubject: RE: Brownfields auditMr. Lumley,I’m not sure that I understand your request below. If I understand correctly, it would be quite unusual for a third party to independently provide information to a certified public accountant contracted to perform audit services for a private non-profit entity. Please explain why this would be appropriate.Regards,NICK J. CIRIGNANOcid:[email protected] NW FIRST STREET 9TH FLOOR | PO BOX 916EVANSVILLE INDIANA 47706 0916PHONE (812) 424-7575 | FAX (812) 421-5089 | ZSWS.COM___________________________________________________From: George Lumley [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Monday, February 08, 2016 9:10 AMTo: Coures, Kelley; ‘Rusk, Carolyn’Cc: Brad Ellsworth; Constance Robinson; [email protected]; [email protected]; Joshua Armstrong; [email protected]; ‘Nick Cirignano’Subject: Brownfields auditDear Mr. Coures and Ms. RuskI attended an open meeting of the Evansville Brownfields Corp. Inc.(EBC), a corporation operating under IRS Code Section 501c, and it appears that you two would be the ones to address this inquiry. If you are not the ones to represent EBC on this matter please direct me to the responsible individual.During this meeting it was mentioned that an audit of the organization was being conducted. I have information regarding EBC funding sources and disposition of those funds that I would like to provide directly to the “auditors”.Please provide me the contact information of the agencies or firms performing any pending audit of the EBC.Sincerely,George LumleyEvansville In 47711FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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