Month: November 2017

Examples included in the statistics of Shanghai love is not accurate

as you know, since love that has been launched in Shanghai statistics, we use the term site command is said to love Shanghai inaccurate, as long as you love Shanghai after using the site command, it is in order to promote their love Shanghai statistical tools, suggesting that this is the number is estimated, the site administrator for information collection more accurate, please use the love Shanghai statistics. I believe we see this text familiar, in order to know your site included real data, so we have to install a love Shanghai love Shanghai this promotion of statistical tools, not toxic, as long as our website on the installation of love Shanghai statistics, any traffic movement occurred on our website are all love Shanghai know, for the future users to influence keywords ranking have a significant impact to improve search results, understand this, know why love Shanghai push the statistical tools to spend so much effort. read more

Enterprise not too lazy to promote to free Shanghai dragon

The development of

contact Shanghai Longfeng early friends all know, in fact, a few years ago many people claiming to have been doing Shanghai dragon and by keyword ranking continuously on the Internet through some orders, Shanghai dragon skills, to achieve certain keywords in the search engine rankings, a few years ago I did such a thing, in this way allow enterprises to make money. With the continuous change of the search engine, the algorithm constantly updated, leading to free access to traffic is more and more difficult, the search engine business, make a lot of small Shanghai dragon company or team, lost his job. This is not surprising, including my own, this year a number of enterprises is also the same problem, is unable to get more traffic from Shanghai love. read more