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Keller Williams Lets Loose With KWahtro In Hermosa Beach [Video/Gallery]

first_imgKeller Williams has been on a roll with his newest creation, KWahtro. After years performing primarily as a solo artist, Williams has built up a reputation as one of the most versatile musicians in the business. By teaming with Gibb Droll, Rodney Holmes and Danton Boller, Keller’s new four-piece has been taking the country by storm.Last week, on November 3rd, Keller brought the KWahtro to Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA, performing a hits-filled show with classics, covers and more. Thanks to Brandon Weil, we have photos and a video from this great night of music!Watch a clip of Grateful Dead’s “Eyes Of The World” streaming below.Keller continues to tour with KWahtro and more throughout the fall, and just announced an exciting winter tour with the great Leo Kottke. Read more about that here, and see the full gallery from Hermosa Beach below. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

SMC bookstore signs contract with Follett

first_imgSaint Mary’s College recently contracted Follett Higher Education Group to assume operations of the Shaheen Bookstore, Richard Speller, vice president for finance and administration at the College said. Follett will officially begin administration of the bookstore Oct. 20. According to an e-mail sent to the student body Monday from Mike Hicks, director of campus stores, the bookstore will close Oct. 17 for training and inventory purposes and will reopen Oct. 25. Speller said the College elected to discontinue managing the bookstore on its own for financial reasons. “Bottom line, this move will save the College money,” Speller said. “The College will not have to anticipate demand, purchase and store large inventory in the form of textbooks, apparel and other merchandise.” Speller said the College’s finance officials reviewed three different management companies and decided on Follett. According to Speller, Follet has more than 1,600 independent campus stores, and is the leading supplier of bookstore services and used books in North America. Speller said the University of Notre Dame and Holy Cross College both use Follett to manage their campus bookstores. The college also selected Follett to operate the bookstore for its textbook rental program, according to Speller. “Follett will offer new choices for students, most notably the option to rent textbooks,” Speller said. “Follett’s Rent-A-Text option, available to Saint Mary’s for the spring 2011 semester, could save students up to 50 percent on books.” Speller said Follett will also offer students Caféscribe, a digital textbook program. “Caféscribe gives students, and faculty, the freedom to search, highlight, take notes, cross-reference, sort text and connect with others using the same eTextbook,” Speller said. Though the store’s management will change, Speller said students, faculty and staff can still expect to see quality merchandise within the store. “They will not only bring in merchandise specific to Saint Mary’s College’s input and research, but the best practices and trends across higher education and the collegiate marketplace,” Speller said. “As a result, customers can expect to see top quality merchandise available both online and in the Shaheen Bookstore in the Student Center.” Speller said even though new management will take over in mid-October, customers may not notice many changes until spring semester. “When students return to campus in January, they will find that the store … is more spacious, with better traffic flow,” Speller said. According to Speller, Follett will pay for the renovations made to the Student Center. Renovations include expanding into the space now occupied by the C-Store. Follett plans to make these changes during fall break.last_img read more

Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia: The absurd situation in Club Adriatic, if it were not tragic, would be ridiculous

first_imgThe Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia sent a statement today about the at least absurd situation around Club Adriatic dd,The seemingly successful story of privatization failed due to classic Croatian reasons. Namely, the director of the Center for Restructuring and Sale (CERP) Milan Plećaš and the President of the Management Board of Immo Invest Partner AG Dzek Djoric signed an Agreement on the sale and transfer of shares of Club Adriatic doo Zagreb on April 09, 2018 at the CERP headquarters.Pursuant to this Agreement, the Swiss company Immo Invest Pertner AG bought three business shares, ie one hundred percent of the share capital of Club Adriatic doo for HRK 54 million. Club Adriatic consists of the Hotel and Annex Alem in Baška Voda and the camp in Baško polje. The hotel has 99 double rooms and 9 double suites, and annexes 198 double rooms with extra bed. Camp Basko polje, which is categorized with three stars, has 600 camping places-pitches, 17 bungalows with kitchens and 16 mobile homesThis successfully completed the privatization process of Club Adriatic doo 17 years after the former Croatian Privatization Fund, the legal predecessor of CERP, established it with the aim of bringing former military resorts, hotels and camps for tourist purposes. Based on the said contract, Immo Invest was supposed to buy 100 percent of the share capital of Club Adriatic doo, but Immo Invest did not pay the said amount within 30 days after signing the contract because the presented debt of 172 creditors with 130 million kuna almost overnight jumped to 180 million.As the President of the Management Board of Immo Invest Partner AG Jack Đordić pointed out for Jutarnji list, it is difficult to state the names and number of creditors who “prepared” the greatest difficulties for them, ie those who demanded default interest for the last three years, which conflicts with the obligations of the pre-bankruptcy settlement “There are local governments, private and some state-owned companies. It is very difficult to negotiate with such creditors because it is obvious that individuals saw their chance in the whole process and wanted to get the most out of us. ” Djordic pointed out.Precisely because of the whole incredible story, the Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia, which we are transmitting in its entirety, reacted and criticized:Club Adriatic doo Zagreb is a company 100% owned by the State whose prodaja, despite the decisions made, failed because the strategic investor gave up the purchase. And this is not the worst thing that could have happened, because the real estate owned by Club Adriatic in Baško Polje is doing business. The problem is in Selce and in TN Perna, with the hotel Komodor and the camp Orebić. Namely, until the end of October 2017, these properties were managed by Club Adriatic, when it ceased to be managed by the Decision of the Government, ie Minister Goran Marić. The workers who worked in these facilities remained workers of the Adriatic Club, and the Government, by its decision, abolished both their place of work and the workplace. Until mid-March, the workers at Club Adriatic used the hours from redistribution and annual leave for the previous year, but also for 2018, expecting that the sale of Club Adriatic could solve their status. However, this did not happen, so they are still employees of Club Adriatic, without a job, who receive a regular salary and do not work because they have nowhere to work. In accordance with the Act, the Company’s Management Board initiated the first step in the procedure of terminating their employment contracts and initiated consultations with the Workers ‘Council and obtained the consent of the Workers’ Council to conduct the procedure of terminating employment contracts for workers whose work ceased due to the Government Decision. which are owned by the Republic of Croatia are not managed by Club Adriatic. In the meantime, the director of the Adriatic Club Karlo Čulo was appointed on May 22.05.2018, XNUMX. for a member of the Management Board of Jadran dd Crikvenica and the entire procedure is suspended.Simultaneously with the implementation of the tender for the sale of Club Adriatic, CERP, by direct agreement under conditions unknown to us, gives the same real estate that is exempt from the management of Club Adriatic to Prosperus-Invest for management. Even at this moment, we are not disputing the Decision by which the real estate is managed or leased. Whether it is legal or not, let the institutions judge.It is disputable that Prosperus-Invest is looking for workers to work in these properties; that the workers who worked in these properties do not work even though they receive a salary, that these workers want to work in these properties and with the new employer Prosperus-Invest; that Club Adriatic does not fire them to allow them to work; that Club Adriatic pays them salaries even though they do not work and that Club Adriatic has secured funds for the payment of severance pay to these workers.It is also disputable that the Government of the Republic of Croatia increases the quota for the import of workers in tourism, that through its company (Club Adriatic) pays salaries to workers who do not work, that does not allow these workers to work and that the company he cannot open the facilities that the state has given him to manage because he has no workers.An absurd situation and, if it weren’t tragic, it would be ridiculous.The workers just want to work, most of them would give up the notice period, which would save Club Adriatic significant funds that it could use to increase the salary of its workers. Thus, the state, due to its inefficiency and sluggishness, prevents workers from working legally, forces them and companies that want to legally employ them to work illegally, which damages the state budget, so we wonder who is crazy and who is confused.This situation does not suit anyone, neither the workers who would earn more by work, nor ProsperusInvest, which due to lack of workers cannot open facilities; nor to Club Adriatic because it pays workers who do not work; nor to the State because these same workers will come to the Employment Bureau in a few months and at the expense of the state budget.We addressed the Ministry of State Property, unfortunately without success; despite the Secretary of State’s promise given at a meeting almost a month ago that the problem would be addressed as a matter of priority, nothing has been done.The fact that the “search” for a new director of Club Adriatic is ongoing, who should be appointed by the Supervisory Board based on the decision of UV CERPA, and based on the proposal of the Ministry of Tourism, does not contribute to all this. Given the complex procedure, and knowing the “speed” with which state institutions solve problems, it could happen that the season passes before workers are allowed to work legally. That is why the Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia justifiably criticizes the decision of the Ministry of Labor and Pension System and the Government of the Republic of Croatia to increase the quota for the import of foreign workers to work in tourism, because not all possibilities of our workers have been exhausted. example, and I believe there are quite a few of them.On behalf of SIKD, Bruno Bulić, President of the Trade Unionlast_img read more

State of Emergency Ends Today

first_img Sharing is caring! Share Share Today, June 30, marks the end of a three-month State of Emergency in Dominica.The initial period was from April 1st to 20th and was extended for a total of three months following a sitting of Parliament.The Act allowed for Government to impose restrictions to contain the coronavirus threat to public health.Individuals who were not considered essential workers were prohibited from being outdoors in public places from 6pm to 6am on weekdays, with a total lock down on weekends.The island is almost fully reopened now except for sporting facilities and events and commercial passenger travel.The Hon Prime Minister, Chair of the Cabinet Subcommittee on Covid19, Roosevelt Skerrit, said Sunday that the emergency powers jurisdiction would not be extended past June 30th.“The Emergency Powers [Act] comes to an end on Tuesday, 30th.  The Government is not intending to extend this. Therefore, in large measure we will go back to the normal or the new normal,” he said. The Hon Minister for Health and Wellness, Dr Irving McIntyre responded to the question of what the new normal will be after today.“We’re back to where we were before,” he said hastening to add that “before, we didn’t have Covid; now that we have Covid, we have to make sure that we can practice all these public health and social measures that we’ve had in place, which is what has brought our success.”He listed proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette,wearing masks and sanitisation.Hon McIntyre also stated that there was a decrease in influenza-like symptoms for which he credits the guidelines promoted to curb the new coronavirus.“As a matter of fact,” he said, “Up to March of this year, influenza-like symptoms were down to 4 cases per week. Prior to these measures we put for Covid we used to get 25 cases a week.“It just shows you how wearing a mask, washing of hands and proper respiratory etiquette can cut down these things. This is what we want to emphasize.” Tweetcenter_img 223 Views   no discussions LifestyleLocalNews State of Emergency Ends Today by: – June 30, 2020 Sharelast_img read more

PCP: Who’s more embarrassed?

first_imgHenson: Well, they say there is a first time for everything. And now, for the first time ever, a Heisman trophy winner is forfeiting college football’s most coveted award. After months of speculation, Reggie Bush is giving the Heisman back. Bush has embarrassed not only himself in the investigations involving his career at Southern California, but he has embarrassed his university and the Heisman Trophy Trust with his actions. In 2005, Bush was one of the brightest stars in the world of sports, scoring touchdowns left and right, flying into the end zone at heights we had never really seen before. Every Saturday we knew we were going to see some insane highlights come from the Trojan running back, and he captivated an entire country with his remarkable athletic ability. It’s a shame that historic season had to be tarnished. It’s a shame fans can no longer remember Bush for the jukes and the spins. Instead, we are left with a former Heisman winner who is making news due to the poor decisions of his past. All Bush had to do was wait a couple years, wait until his name was called in the NFL draft. The money would be plentiful, and he could support his family with a hard-earned professional salary. Just stay away from the agents, stay away from the temptations. Instead, Bush elected to take improper benefits, and he’s become the face of a growing problem in college athletics. That’s a far cry from being the face of one of the most storied programs in college football. Now, USC has done all they can to erase Bush from their memory. Images and references of the electrifying running back have been removed from anything and everything involving USC. After years of hard work and dedication to a school, all it took was a couple mistakes to ruin a once proud legacy. Pretty embarrassing if you ask me.Holt: Reggie Bush is but one man. Well, I suppose he embarrassed one of college football’s most storied programs as well, but it’s always ‘USC this’ and ‘USC that,’ and I don’t think anybody outside of SoCal was really that upset about the whole thing. Over on the East Coast, the other team I got sick of hearing about on ESPN made yet another headline for some improper treatment of a media type/television personality. No, that “media type” wasn’t Glenn Beck and in that case, I would have hoped the “improper treatment” involved physical violence and a tire iron. Instead, Ines Sainz, of Mexico’s TV Azteca, was the target of the New York Jets and their catcalls on Saturday. Sainz was waiting to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez (A former Trojan and a Jet? Can he be any more overbearing?) at practice and noticed how passing drills curiously seemed to end near and around her for a great portion of the practice. Later, she was reportedly subject to some hoots, hollers and other “H” words, while in the locker room. Whoopsy daisy. You can’t do that. I’ll back up for a second. Sainz is pretty universally recognized as an attractive woman. The Erin Andrews of Mexican sports television, if you will. She’s the kind of woman who could have you buying her dinner and forking over your bank account info in the same night, using nothing more than a pair of tight jeans and a bat of the eyes. So with that information, this behavior doesn’t seem too bad – if you’re a construction worker in the 1950s. Or an eighth-grade traveling football team. Not a professional athlete – or professional anything, for that matter. Don’t give me that “boys will be boys” nonsense. These men were at work – even if work for them is hitting people and catching a ball. Next time you’re at work, try whistling and catcalling a pretty girl. Then count to 10; that’s roughly how much longer you’ll have a job. Come on Jets. Losing to the Ravens in your shiny new home is pretty bad. But getting just as much press for acting like hormone-crazy high school freshmen? Now there’s a Rex Ryan-sized embarrassment.last_img read more