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Gregg Allman’s Actual Blood Was Used To Paint Album Art For Posthumous LP ‘Southern Blood’

first_imgGregg Allman’s posthumous final album, Southern Blood, will be released Friday, September 7th, and those who purchase the album’s deluxe package and first run of the vinyl will receive a very significant portrait print of Gregg. Before his death earlier this year, Allman and his daughter, Layla Brooklyn, commissioned an odd painting from lauded surrealist painter Vincent Castiglia.Gregg Allman Delivers Emotional Farewell On ‘Southern Blood’According to Yahoo Music, in a deal conceived by Brooklyn and sealed on December 24th, 2015, Gregg Allman, recruited Castiglia to paint a portrait of him–using his blood, and the blood of his children, as the paint–as album art for his latest album, Southern Blood. Castiglia quickly agreed, unaware that Allman would pass away before the painting was completed. Notes Castiglia, “This is the single most important work I’ve ever painted, for two of the loveliest people I’ve had the opportunity to connect with in this life.”Brooklyn described the process behind Southern Blood (both the album a the painting) after hearing that Castiglia had painted a portrait with his own blood:  “A few years ago, I invited him to the studio when my metal band was tracking sessions for a record that I didn’t end up releasing. Upon listening to the early stages of my father’s Muscle Shoals sessions, I knew [the blood portrait concept] was a perfect visual representation for what would be my father’s last body of work on many levels.Gregg Allman’s Farewell Album Is Now Available For Stream“I suggested to my father he send Vincent vials of his own blood to save for his yet-to-be titled record. He did it, and nearly a year later, the title Southern Blood popped into my head to tie it all together. The story, the music, the painting and my dad’s fight to keep playing music when he became ill represent his dedication, passion and contribution, not only in metaphorically giving his blood to the fans for decades, but literally.”You can watch a time-lapse video of the creation of the painting here. [h/t – Yahoo Music]last_img read more

Harvard tops Dartmouth, 63-47

first_imgThe Harvard men’s basketball team play Monmouth tonight in a nonconference matchup at 7 p.m., hot on the heels of their win against Dartmouth in the Crimson’s Ivy League opener before a sold-out crowd at Lavietes Pavilion on Jan. 7. The team will next take on George Washington University in a sold-out game on Jan. 14.Oliver McNally ’12 tallied a season-high 17 points against Dartmouth, draining three of four shots from beyond the arc, leading the No. 21/22 Harvard men’s basketball team to a 63-47 win.The victory pushes Harvard’s overall record to 13-2 (1-0 Ivy), while Dartmouth slips to 3-13 (0-1). Harvard also extends its home win streak to 22. The Crimson hit eight of 20 treys on the day (.400) and held a 28-27 advantage on the boards. Kyle Casey ’13 added 10 points on three of four shooting and six boards, while Keith Wright ’12 contributed 10 points and five rebounds. Laurent Rivard ’14 buried three triples, finishing with nine points. Dartmouth had only one steal and no blocked shots, while the Crimson had three rejections and nine steals.Live video of tonight’s game will be available with a subscription at GoMUHawks.com. WHRB’s Charlie Hobbs will have the audio call on GoCrimson.com. Live statistics will also be available for the game at GoCrimson.com.Read the full story on GoCrimson.com.last_img read more

A Big Year for Snakes

first_imgVirginia wildlife officials are warning the public to watch out for snakes this year. Officials say that it has been a decade since they have seen this many snake encounters. The increase in snakes likely has to do with the winter weather, which saw a lot of rain, and then some extended warm spells. As temperatures continue to increase so, too, do snake and human interactions. Experts advise residents to do their own research and find out the kind of snakes that live in their area. Snakes like to hang out in man-made places, such as garages, sheds, attics and crawl spaces. Snakes are also attracted to tall grasses, junk, woodpiles and railroad ties. Residents are warned not to leave brush and leaf piles in their yard, as these are also a natural attraction to snakes. Recent news reports show that some patients treated for snakebites have been charged nearly $17,000 per vial. Poisonous snakes in the southeast include the copperhead, cottonmouth, rattlesnakes and the eastern coral snake. Residents and visitors in the Shenandoah Valley are warned of a heightened snake population this year The increase in snake activity comes at a time when some hospitals have been accused of antivenin price gouging. Vials of the only antivenin available on the market in the United States approved to treat snakebites from rattlesnake, copperhead and water moccasin, CroFab, usually run about $3,000 per vial. Recent news reports show that some patients treated for snakebites have been charged nearly $17,000 per vial. If you encounter a snake keep in mind that in many states in the southeast it is illegal to kill it. Snakes are an important part of the ecosystem. Some snakes eat rats and mice that can damage crops and property. If a snake bites you it is important to stay calm and immobile and lay down if possible. Call 911 or the poison control center and try to identify the snake by sight, noting any colors, markings, or the shape of its head. Keep the affected limb level with the rest of the body and do not apply a tourniquet, cut the wound or attempt to suck the venom out. Do not apply an ice pack. Even if you are unable to identify the snake, doctors can treat most snakebites without knowing the kind of snake that did the biting.last_img read more