Entrepreneurial Adventures 1 money really can do it

start empty-handed model has always been the focus of public attention, now promote small business projects, a lot of low cost, low threshold of entrepreneurial projects have emerged, the lowest low start-up costs to a piece of money, this is true?

According to the

According to the

after a series of reform implementation, the enterprise will have two senses. Is a registered company greatly reduced the threshold, in the past to do the company according to the different types of companies, there will be 30 thousand, 100 thousand, 5 million yuan minimum registered capital restrictions, and in the future except otherwise provided by laws and regulations, these restrictions have been canceled, the theory of a money company can do. In addition, in accordance with the principle of convenient registration and standardize the order to relax the registration of market players registered business conditions.



the registration system of paid up registered capital subscribed to the registration system, the shareholders of the capital contribution of time contribution and other self regulation, and recorded in the articles of association of the company, shareholders have no time delivery according to the provisions of the investment, according to the law and the articles of Association of the company shall bear civil liability, if not in accordance with the agreed delivery of investment, pay sufficient investment of shareholders and the company itself can pursue the responsibility of the shareholders.


Chizhou youth service groups to start a series of strokes

is so large in the employment pressure on society today, people have turned to entrepreneurship, some government at the same time around also actively promote a series of entrepreneurial activities in Chizhou issued a business chain strokes helping business.

in the internal platform, Chizhou city not only vigorously promote the construction of youth entrepreneurship Park and private incubation base, into the park (base) enterprises to provide free space, and reduction of utilities, property management fees; also provide maximum business loans and labor-intensive small business loans. Starting in July 1st this year, the maximum amount of loans secured by businesses for different groups of 50 thousand yuan, $80 thousand, 100 thousand yuan, a unified adjustment of $100 thousand. For the identification of labor-intensive small businesses, 2 years can be obtained loans, loans of less than $2 million, you can apply for a financial discount of 50%; less than $4 million to $2 million, you can apply for a financial discount of $25%. According to statistics, from 1 to July, the city issued a total of secured loans of up to $70 million; issued by small and medium enterprises with a loan of $12 million. In addition, recommend


Start the small clothing store and purchase what skills

clothing industry has always been very popular in the industry, an industry is a main consideration during this time, more and more people opened a clothing store, for a lot of people who want to start a business, also want to open a small clothing store. Operating clothing store, on the purchase of the problem is also more important, the purchase is also a skill. Here to introduce to you, open the small clothing store purchase what skills?

new entrants buyers, arrived in Guangdong Humen small clothing wholesale market or other small clothing wholesale market, suddenly see so many good and cheap goods, do not hesitate –! See very feminine clothing — small, decisive! See very personality, sexy little this garment, without thinking — a result! Go back on sale, find their own small clothing franchise into a hodgepodge, what style, profit and inventory can be expected to.

so many first-time shop small clothing franchise owner because the eyes are not allowed, all suffered in the first small clothing purchase, some even joked: open a small clothing store in the first batch of goods will be the backlog, cash into unsold inventory, so the best must first purchase a little less. The term in our industry is called test marketing. Because the goods recognized by the market is the guarantee of profit.

first, you have to consider the clothing chain to join the surrounding environment, the direction of flow of people, goods style and consumption habits, peer competition and mutual support, consumption ability and commodity price positioning, for example, in the vicinity of the school, is certainly some trendy fashion, the small clothing store back rate; while in the neighborhood, you can consider a small foreign trade leisure clothing, rich style to attract young employees.

now young people in the city more and more understand their dressing style and personality, many of them in the fixed small clothing store to buy the same style of different styles of the clothes, therefore, the small clothing store to try to keep their consistent style and positioning, with constantly updated styles to attract back guest.

if you want to find a clothing brand to do business people in the business when it, today Xiaobian for everyone that I hope to help you, after a detailed introduction to the small clothing store and purchase what skills, as we all know, clothing store, and now the market is still very good and if you want to shop, the purchase should also pay attention to these skills. We hope that we can help you.

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Female college students jelly shop ideas from shopping

female college students usually have enough time to go shopping, in fact, can be seen in the street a lot of female college students stall, selling snacks, selling flowers, selling milk tea, etc.. The idea was from life, the following network Xiaobian to bring you a female college student in the store shopping is the initiation of the business idea see jelly.
shopping inadvertently found jelly shop business opportunities

from Zichuan, Wang Qiuyun, 23 years old, just graduated from college in Zhangdian, a mobile phone company to start a market supervision. 2005 in October, she was on a business trip to Ji’nan, when shopping, she found a ready to open the Q jelly house. In the west of Zhangdian district two, there is a jelly house shop. The store operates a variety of cakes made with jelly, refreshing. In this more than and 20 square meters of shops, Jelly filled cabinets, ranging from $1 to $58, attracted a large number of young men and women come to buy, and Wang Qiuyun is the shop owner. Identify opportunities to make a prompt decision.
store opened successfully after


"opened the day to sell 666 yuan" in December 16, 2005, Wang Qiuyun’s Q jelly house opened. Opened on the day of selling 666 yuan, was very happy." Wang Qiuyun is excited. This small shop in Zhangdian district west two road, Wang Qiuyun rented a small house less than 25 square meters, the monthly rent of 700 yuan. Wang Qiuyun said, do the stores to choose the shop is very important, not only to consider their own economic capacity, but also consider the size of popularity. Try to expand the market of Wang Qiuyun’s jelly house opened opposite in a high school, just opened the main consumer groups are students. Later, after a friend’s contact, she began to send to a number of Internet cafes, Internet users, selling quickly. Take two months to jelly cafe, Wang Qiuyun is the next step in considering the matter, "now, I am considering to karaoke rooms and other places to do sell some jelly, shape beautiful, affordable jelly to the young group." When it comes to the future, Wang Qiuyun answers: "if possible, I want to choose a suitable location, my house development bigger jelly." See the face of the franchise.
by the case that the thinking of business competition, many stores fraud, many people are wary of certain stores. Wang Qiuyun’s Q jelly house is a step by step how to do it? As Wang Qiuyun said, a lot of people do join the shop have been fooled


Where is the old Hot pot to open business – Business

Hot pot is a lot of friends favorite delicacy, as demand for healthy and delicious increase, the old Hot pot to join the project has begun to pay close attention to diners, also opened the development direction for investors, if you want to open an old Hot pot stores, open good sense in where? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

there is a source of business to ensure that, therefore, the old hot pot franchise stores to open in the easy to gather the customer’s lot, the old hot pot shop where good? We examine the business environment, in the site before the business conditions, government planning, hardware conditions, legal conditions and so on, only the analysis of these data using scientific means deeply, and to effectively implement to the site, we can choose the suitable position for yourself.

old pot to join the business to pay attention to what the consumer is more focused on the streets, more investment opportunities, the old hot pot shop where good? However, the high rent is also very obvious, the rent is often the flow of people in this area, the purchasing power is proportional to the higher the rental business turnover and profits will be high.

and the old hot pot franchisee in the selection of local, we will begin to inspect the surrounding environment. Old hot pot shop where good? Here we need to observe with two angles, one is to use the merchant’s point of view, is to determine whether the site can create results, and customers will never go shopping, investors have become the focus of the investigation.

observation of the old hot pot shop outside the image of the store, can let the customer at first glance to find, whether it is a corner, or obvious position, are good, old hot pot store open where good? To show their potential customers, can attract more customers,

is about more than the old Hot pot stores open where good introduction, I hope everyone to be more focused on location, headquarters of the stores put forward different requirements, so also want to seriously investigate and combined with the actual situation, choose a good shop with the least money, to ensure that the old Hot pot stores opened smoothly



Ceramic sanitary ware product quality problem is increasingly obvious

with the improvement of living standard, people also grow with each passing day bathroom products for the requirements, but now the quality of ceramic sanitary products is becoming more and more obvious, it has become an unavoidable topic, following on from the small as we explain.

    uneven;     a common phenomenon, now the domestic ceramic sanitary ware industry still exists is that companies tend to launch low high multiple brands, do long began to have no confidence, patience to do. In view of the current competition situation of ceramic sanitary ceramic sanitary ware enterprises in China, it is time to give up reluctantly, no longer is the number of the siege of the market. It is understood that many of the domestic first-line brands have begun to focus on brand strategy planning to focus on creating a strong brand to meet the needs of the domestic market. Only concentrate on doing a good brand, it is possible to compete with foreign brands of ceramic bathroom.


  extended product boundless;       now many domestic sanitary enterprises are widespread expansion of boundless trend, the reason is because the operators of ceramic sanitary ware companies and dealers think products to get certain development is the future development the road, so will cause a large area of product development production. Some companies tend to have two to three brands, different brands by the managers do not have to manage, it is easy to cause a variety of products in the company’s internal comparisons. A certain number of product development is indeed a great benefit to the development of enterprises, but the introduction of new products will be counterproductive.

        third, the advantage of subdivision is ignored in

      for the current ceramic sanitary ware enterprises and brands, especially a large quantity of small and medium-sized enterprises and bathroom brand, in order to stabilize the pace in the market, only to identify the appropriate location advantage single, deepening, and professional go to do segmentation in the specification. In technology, materials, processes, services can be optimized to ensure the quality of the product, in order to really put the brand on the right track.


Auto beauty stores to share three promotional techniques

we know that in recent years the development of automotive beauty industry is very fast, we have to open car beauty shop to the development of automotive beauty shop cannot do without the marketing and promotional activities, is an important part of the marketing. Here is to introduce a few car beauty shop promotion skills.

two skills: don’t panic buying restrictions, to create a climax you should distinguish between the promotion level, method is to limit the purchase of promotional activities to a climax of the strong move. A person who has decided to buy because of time constraints. Of course, to sell the situation is hot, it must be combined with other incentives, more effective.

three skills: as a franchisee, the use of promotional activities to the customer can provide some small gifts, in order to attract consumers, activities only provide gifts or part of the premium and discount services, consumers will get a complete gift or service must continue until the consumption activities to satisfy the conditions set. This approach often makes people feel like trying to stop, but can not, long-term fishing, step by step to catch the appetite of consumers.

to automotive beauty shop business is booming, it is necessary to do some promotional activities. Only in this way can your new customers turn into loyal customers. The above three tips is to open the car beauty stores need to remember, we want to help.



Delivery not only convenience and self

is now a lot of people busy, often visit a mall shopping goods very much, but a lot of people living away from the shopping malls are very far, in this context, if the store can provide door-to-door service, consumers will believe in this mall is more reliable. Therefore, whether it is a small supermarket or store, as long as the customer needs, I think, businesses must try to meet consumer demand.

, for example, customer requirements you door-to-door, supermarkets usually give some of the high price, large volume of goods, such as color TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and so on, if you ask him to send three bottles of soy sauce two bottles of vinegar, not only suffer supercilious look strange, others think that you take him yet. But the retail shops and small supermarket is not the same, especially those near the residential area of the community store, you must complete the delivery preparation, as long as the customer needs, we send as correct, although the small thin profits, but at least to make personal feelings in there, the human will he later become the power to support you.

small and medium retail formats, which is the most recent consumer formats, to bring convenience to consumers at the same time, due to fierce competition, but also to bring their own business invisible pressure. To open a retail store, not only to make people believe you, but also to bring convenience to customers. Sometimes, every business is busy, is not to my customer delivery requirements, I will be glad to help them get a ride, this is not to please customers, with customers to walk over to your home, enhance the emotional is the most important.

shop to engage in business, are not obsessed with eyes on how to run, how sales, to provide additional services to the customers around, also can play touch sales results. Our retail stores at the District, is the original village collective relocation to, almost all the village folks old acquaintances, or even related to him, if who is to have what move carry thing, say hello, which is immediately to help, "Pro Pro, o help neighbors, play broken bones tendons attached!

because I am diligent, enthusiastic, generous, and do not sell fakes, people around me like to come here to buy things. Now, my business here has basically formed a fixed consumer groups, many of which are door-to-door, in order to facilitate delivery, I deliberately bought an electric tricycle. Buy this car has two advantages: first, in order to facilitate delivery services; two is to facilitate the use of the surrounding residents. If they are not convenient, I will help myself. Many residents around me have obligations to help busy.

in my small supermarket, although little place also provides a convenient service area, service area for free supply of hot water, microwave heating and so on free. Many residents say that my idea is very good, very affordable. This idea comes from the children in the village last winter to buy breakfast, then very cold morning, the children eating cold bread, drink cold milk.


What is the location of the pet shop open merit

site for any store is very important, pet shop is now a lot of consumers favorite project, if you open a pet shop, where to open a better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1, urban and regional planning

planning is a vision of the future development of the future, thus changing the pattern of the future of the city in the space, pet shop how good location? This makes some market prosperity or become cold. This big background, the consideration of the environment, is a prerequisite for the choice of the local market conditions, or a shop not only can not feed the three generation, but become the burden of the three generation.

2, a pet shop from the crowd as close as possible to

because, only the dog more people can get together, the surrounding shops will naturally be favored. Pet shop location? Retail investors in the investment, must first understand the pet industry, especially the number of pets in the region and the level of consumption.

3, choose low not high

pet shop how location? Customers in the store to shop for time, effort, often reluctant to go upstairs, so the lower floors often create a higher profit than other floors. To this end, in the choice of shop, select the one or two layer than the choice of the three or four shops to have more operational security. In other words, the height of a commercial building and its economic benefits are inversely proportional to the relationship, that is, the higher the floor, the lower the sales, so less profit. This is determined by the customer’s shopping habits and consumer psychology.

4, the community has more investment value shops


community is the perennial life of people living, so close shop agent consumption in the business community to provide convenience for , pet shop how to location? So that the safety and profitability of investment shops to enhance. The current problem is that the emerging community occupancy rate is low, making it difficult to support the scale of consumer shops business, community business scale is often greater than the community needs. However, in the long run, the prospect of community business to the good, and therefore, to seize the favorable opportunity to enter the pet store investment can ensure long-term stable returns.

5, shops and business requirements coincide with

The combination of

to a certain market space, industry formats and objective requirements, can only adapt to the operation smoothly. Pet shop location? Generally speaking, the existing values of retail, catering, entertainment, etc. to complete repair industry. Depending on the needs of the industry, depending on the diversity of consumer groups. Therefore, before investing in shops, investors need to understand the specific circumstances, and then determine their own shops in the future to do the industry as well as different formats, in order to make the operation with the needle


The supermarket chain franchise fee how much the whole

convenient, you have to choose to join the supermarket chain? The strength of the brand to join the project choice, is a very wise choice. How to join the supermarket chain? Flexible operation mode choice for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is not a very wise choice?

it is understood that the supermarket has opened a profit is very large, but in the end how much profit is not to use a number of different, depending on your convenience store opened in what area and the size of the investment, generally earn one hundred thousand a year is not a problem. Even if you have not done retail business, the choice of supermarket project investment is still able to get huge profits.

supermarket join much upfront investment? How to calculate the profit space? Creative combination of goods, innovative marketing model, provides strong support and guarantee for the development of the supermarket, Unlimited Business Opportunities! Convenience stores in Japan’s gross margin of 47%, Taiwan 30%, China, 25%. Supermarket for different business values, the establishment of differentiated commodity portfolio, the overall gross profit margin of 20%-30%.

supermarket join much upfront investment? How to calculate the profit space? A unique business model, to help you develop more of the market, to create the most lucrative profits to build wealth! By rich variety of merchandise and shopping, payment, transceiver, a range of marketing services in the consumer service life center. Open supermarket stores a unique business model, to store more features, more lucrative profits, opened 1 stores earn cost of lodging


entrepreneurs choose to join the supermarket chain, open a supermarket chain of their own stores, is a very good choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, worthy of our attention and choice. How about investing in supermarket chains? What are you hesitating about? Hurry up!